The Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) is an international organization with the goal of strengthening and promoting international solar-terrestrial physics research. As of 2016 Switzerland is a member of SCOSTEP and a National Committee has been established with the goal of promoting and representing the solar-terrestrial community within Switzerland and internationally.

Image: ESO
Space Weather
Image: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith

SCOSTEP aims at bringing together scientists with an interest in solar-terrestrial physics, covering the topics of fundamental solar physics, solar variability, Sun-Earth relations, and future missions and observations. The committee regularly organizes workshops to foster collaborations between the Swiss institutes, to promote a lively exchange between workshop participants, and to strengthen the Swiss solar-terrestrial community.

Several universities/institutes in Switzerland work on solar-terrestrial physics:


National Committee of the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (NC SCOSTEP)
c/o Prof. Dr. Lucia Kleint
University of Bern
Astronomical Institute
Sidlerstrasse 5
3012 Bern